More self-portrait, and notes

Here, another self portrait: “self with shadow”.

I want to point out a few compositional things about this image:

  • Black and white allows me to concentrate on the subject (that would be me), not the colours.
  • Contrast is important, so I carefully positioned myself to cast the right light so my face and head stand out.
  • I composed so the entire shadow fits.
  • The image uses a typical rule-of-thirds composition.
  • In what may look like a break from tradition I am facing out of the frame (but I am looking in so it is OK).

As you can see, even in a simple two-light portrait, some thought is applied to make it good. And some trial and error. Note that some post cropping and rotating is OK if you cannot get it right in the camera.

One more tonight:

Here as you see I have desaturated red and orange slightly using “HSL” in Lightroom. Less drama, to, since I am now using an umbrella rather than a grid. So the umbrella casts light onto the background.

These self portraits are fun and I urge you to do one, using off-camera light (flash or natural).


2 thoughts on “More self-portrait, and notes

    • I put a light stand where I will be – on a spot marked with tape. Then I focus on that light stand. Then I set focus to manual. Now I set the shutter release on “timer” and remove the light stand; then I go stand on the marked spot.

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