Hold it!

Hold your camera, that is. And hold it the right way. Holding your camera correctly ensures that you minimize the shaking, and you make adjustments as quickly as possible, without losing time.

And how do you hold the camera?

You support the lens with the palm of your left hand, thumb on the left side (not under the lens). I.e. you support the camera like this:

(Of course when you are taking an actual picture, and not just demonstrating, like today’s student, then you would ensure the viewfinder bumper actually touches your face.)

Note how I used “off-centre composition” – the rule of thirds. The subject (the camera, in this case) is not in the middle. Only Uncle Fred puts the subject in the middle in every picture.

You would also consider turning the camera 90 degrees to the left, to get it into vertical position (i,e. the shutter is on top now, not at the bottom). Shoot vertical when shooting vertical subjects, like towers – or people, like me:

Photographer Michael Willems

(Oh, and one more benefit to holding the camera right: you look like you know what you are doing).


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