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You know how I say it is advantageous to set your white balance right when shooting? If you are shooting RAW (as I hope you are) it makes no difference-  all colour is captured and you can do it later, by clicking on a neutral white/grey in an image. But on the other hand… if you get it right while shooting, it’s less post work.

So one tip is to, when you have time, use Live View to set white balance. That gives you a pretty good view of what the colour will look like. Set it so you are happy, then after you do that, you can go back to normal shooting.


1 thought on “Tip of the day…

  1. Reader Michael H asks:

    “To set the WB by trying to copy that of a “Live view” image would you set the camera’s WB to the one that closest matches the screen image then use that as the setting for “Still” images? And if so how would you do this?
    Mike H”

    Yes, that is correct. You can set it using the preset options, or perhaps using a custom setting or even a Kelvin setting, if your camera supports it. Then you simply leave it on that setting when turning off Live View and you;re all good to go!

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