Camera Setting II

Today, part two of my “always do camera settings.

Many cameras bias their metering toward the focus point when spot metering. Some only allow centre point for metering. And mine allows me to choose. I choose “meter off my focus point”:

I like to see card choices on the bright, large screen:

Now, on all modern Canon cameras, a very important one:

The “joystick” is normally disabled when shooting.

Instead, of course you should allow it to move the focus point! Here;s how:

And one more: set your personalized menu! These are my options:

That’s it – your camera is now set up properly.

You may have different choices. And that is fine. As long as you go through your menus and tune your camera to your specific needs. It makes a big difference, folks!


1 thought on “Camera Setting II

  1. Michael,

    what is your opnion about Highlight Tone Priority? should you leave it on or off, and when is the best time to use it? does it only apply affects to JPG or RAW also?

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