Colours poetry

This picture, from the studio shoot on Sunday night, strikes me as one where the colours worked out just perfectly:

So what works here, exactly?

  • The rich yellow of the background is in separate areas rather than being homogenous. (That rich yellow is a Honl Photo “Egg Yolk Yellow” gel, by the way.)
  • It matches the brown/yellow at the bottom of the shirt perfectly. It also matches the cross.
  • The rich blue at the top of the shirt is in various shades and areas
  • It matches the blue-ish bottom of the image, and the blue toenails, perfectly. It also matches the fingernails.
  • The skintones tie it all together, as well.

To me, this image is like a poem in colour, a rhyme of form “ABab” going down, and the diagonal composition makes it also go left to right.

Here’s one more, where the yellows seem to line up with her elbows:

In both these images I had to set white balance very carefully, and I increased overall saturation and clarity a tad. Otherwise, they are the way I shot them.


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