Shampooey Goodness

Here, from yesterday’s class at Sheridan College, is talented student Darryl. First with just one light. Then with a second light. Then with that second light brighter. Then with a hair light added. And finally, with a background light also. Four flashes. Can you see how important it is to light a portrait just right, just the way you want it? Light makes all the difference.

Now we’re talking. And that took the following:

  1. Camera with 24-70 lens.
  2. Four flashes.
  3. Five pocketwizards (one for the camera, one for each flash).
  4. Five cables between PW and flash (from
  5. Three light stands.
  6. Two umbrella brackets and one ball head.
  7. Two umbrellas (main=shoot through; fill=reflective).
  8. A Honl photo snoot for the hair light.
  9. A flash meter.
  10. A Honl photo egg yolk yellow gel fopr the background light (this coloour complements his blue sweater).
  11. A few minutes.

And that’s all – not complicated once you know how. And that’s what I teach, and as a photographer, you should know how to do a portrait like this in a few minutes.


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