High ISO on a Canon 7D

You know, forget using a Canon 7D (original) above 800 ISO: it’s just too noisy.

Oh? So how did I take the picture above at 3200 ISO?

Simple. By exposing right. I.e. by exposing bright.

Bright is right.

Bright pixels are sharp pixels.

If you expose on the bright side, noise is not nearly as bad as you may think. Just avoid muddy, murky, noisy pictures. “3200 ISO and bright” is much better than “800 ISO and dark”. Cockroaches hide in the dark. As do millipedes, politicians and noise and grain.Bright is good; “extra bright and then pulling the picture back in post” is even better.

The moral of this story: Do not be afraid to go to high ISO values if you have to. Just do it right: and expose brightly.


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