Self portrait

How do I take one of these with my new 7D?


I set the camera on a tripod and use pocketwizards to fire one flash into an umbrella. One flash gives me that severe look, but to slightly lessen that, I have a reflector on the other side (camera left). I used a 35mm f/1.4L lens on the 7D, meaning an effective lens length of about 50mm. The “Nifty fifty”!

I set my camera to 100 ISO – best quality, and background light does not upset the shot. And I am in manual mode, at f/8 (enough DOF) and 1/125th second. I use autofocus where the camera selects a focus point, This time. I will – because as the subject I cannot see what I am doing.

Finally, I use the timer of course. So I can press the shutter while I hold my hand out; then sit down as the camera beeps.

And then I check: sharp enough? Nice graduated tones from dark to light? Catchlights in the eyes? Check!

4 thoughts on “Self portrait

  1. My old EOS-300D has a cheap (I think it was US$25) infra red remote (RC-1) which is ideal for that kind of self portrait. Otherwise I’ve found I cannot use auto focus as the camera focuses when you set the self timer.

    My EOS-30D does not support the IR remote. I have a cable release and a ridiculously long extension cord. I can use that but the IR is so much easier.

  2. Michael, just to clarify, you held out your hand to where you would approximately be…and had your camera focus, right? Once you pressed the shutter all the way, that is when you moved into position until the timer takes the shot, yes? I have been trying to do self-portraits since I dont have a model…and been trying out different lighting…but for the life of me cannot get rid of the blur.

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