I am always happy to see the streets of Toronto. Especially in summer (ish).

When you look, you always find things to shoot. Like funny signs (notice the recurring blue?)


Or like nice people. It is amazing to me that in North America, when you see young women in the street, they are always sooo happy to smile at the camera. I mean amazing in a nice way: isn’t it nice to see nice smiles? Isn”t that nicer than anger and hatred and war? Call me a hippie but a snap like this makes my day.

Toronto Hydro Hosts

These young ladies were hosting a Toronto Hydro Clean Energy event.

And all that was during a very short walk from A to B.

What lens was I using? The 35mm f/1.4 on the 1Ds MkIII. But at f/4 – f/5.6, so every camera and kit lens can do this.

The moral of the story: always carry your camera.

Assignment "snap"

Here’s an interesting assignment for pros, emerging pros and enthusiasts: Shoot in Program mode for a day.

That way, for once you are not thinking about Aperture, DOF, drag, motion blur, and such. For one day, you will be thinking about your subjects, instead of about technology. And this makes some sense; One famous wedding pro even shoots in “P”mode, I am told.


You might try this assignment in the city, for some street photography. Or at some event. Either way, it’ll likely reset some of your thinking. And perhaps even open your eyes a bit more in familiar environments.


Have fun!


The waitress at the pub yesterday, where Peter and I had dinner prior to the workshop in Richmond Hill:


As you can see, Peter is putting a bit of light into her face. Reflectors can be improvised: anything light will do.

And as before, it is amazing how people will smile when you point a camera into their faces. Try it!