July 4 fireworks tip

Quick recipe for fireworks, US friends!

Fireworks, by Michael Willems

Fireworks, by Michael Willems

Technical tips:

  • Mode: Bulb, with remote release
  • ISO: 100
  • Aperture: f/8 – f/11
  • Shutter: 1 to 30 sec; usually 2-5 seconds
  • Focus mode: Manual, prefocused “where it will happen”
  • Shutter mode: One shot
  • Camera mount: Tripod (this is mandatory!)

And the usage tips:

  • Set up your camera on a tripod, and aim at the fireworks source
  • Avoid being downwind (the smoke will ruin some of your pictures).
  • Manually pre-focus where the fireworks will go up (or on “infinity”).
  • Use wire/radio release, so you do not need to touch the camera.
  • Start when a particular firework goes up, and hold the shutter open until that one  is done (but avoid getting the next one in the picture, unless it is aimed differently). This will usually take 2-5 seconds.

And above all, have fun, and happy 4th of July!