Matt of WordPress dot com explained, I now see, why he inconvenienced me and thousands of other bloggers: see

Quote: “regardless we’ve always had attribution on it. We’re replacing it anyway, don’t want any of his junk touching our sites.”

So he killed my blog layout and widgets to satisfy his own  need to have a great designer’s “junk” not on his site? What an inconsiderate person. All the prejudices I ever had against spoilt Californian kids are bubbling up. Except Matt tells me he is not even Californian!

Postscript: so OK, I got a bit angry. Can you see why, though?

WordPress gone mad?

My blog’s “theme” appears to have spontaneously changed to “Coraline”. Without me doing anything! I wondered what had happened.

And when I go to support, I get:

Support Temporarily Closed

Support is temporarily closed at the moment. We will reopen very soon.

Even worse:

Support is currently closed as staff meet offsite brainstorming ways to make things better. We will be dropping into the forums regularly during the hiatus, and we’ll formally reopen on August 16th.

And then I find out that “Cutline”, my theme, has been “phased out” and replaced by Coraline.

No questions, no notice: just make my theme ugly. Thanks. Time to start thinking about moving my blog. This is a mission-critical endeavour for me, and this kind of nonsense, no support and changes without asking or even telling, is not good enough.

If your blog is important, best stay clear of, is my advice.

Know any good WordPress hosting providers, anyone? Providers who can move my blog and all its contents from WordPress?