Dear Readers: you will forgive a little promotion in my second post today. Because it is promotion that can help you.

  • Brought on by our lovely weather the last week or so, I have a “Suspicion of Summer” special on for June. For June only, private coaching is available at my Oakville location for $75 per hour rather than the usual $95 per hour. Book soon, since availability is limited to the 24 hours each day has, and they do tend to all fill up. This is made-to-measure individual training, but see for some possible subjects.
  • There is still space on the The Art of Shooting Nudes workshop: see (NSFW).

Whatever you shoot: in just a few hours I can make you a much better photographer.

  • My coaching and teaching are professional and made-to-measure to your needs.
  • All photos I show you are mine, so I can teach you how to take similar photos.
  • I am independent: I do not sell hardware, so what I think you need is what you need.
  • Whether it is weekends, week days or evenings, I teach exactly when it suits you.
  • You get to be hands-on – not just sit and listen.

Take advantage of the special to kick-start your photography today and I promise, you will be delighted. If you like this teaching blog, you will love my coaching and teaching.



Here’s Matt, the groom at the wedding reception we shot recently:

That is the kind of picture you would get without flash. Matt is too dark, so I could of course add to the exposure (open the aperture, slow the shutter, or increase the ISO). That would make matt’s face well-lit, but it would also make the background brighter and hence less saturated.

The solution is to use flash, of course, as all my regular readers know. A strobe into an umbrella and we get this instead:

Cool, no? And I do not just mean Matt, who is indeed very cool with the shades, but I mean the light as well. Try this, as the sunny days of summer approach.


Silhouette How-To

How do you shoot a silhouette, like this one from yesterday’s maternity shoot?

Really quite simple:

  1. Have a simple background (wall, or backdrop).
  2. Ensure that the background is light (flash!) and the foreground is not (avoid light falling “everywhere”: I used grids on my flashes).
  3. Expose for the background, and add a few stops.
  4. If necessary, do the last adjustments in Lightroom (or whatever software you use).

I used an additional edge light here to emphasize the tummy.

Go try it today!


From Prudes to Nudes?

Since I no longer work for Henry’s School of Imaging (see Peter West’s take on it), I shall now concentrate on marketing my own coaching and training. I look forward to teaching many of you in a private, independent, no-hardware-sales environment. I wrote Henry’s “Travel Photography”, “Outdoor Flash”, and various other workshops, but over the years I have also written, and constantly update, all my own courses, with my own materials: see for offerings. Private coaching, or coaching in small groups, is very efficient. Just a few hours stand between you and majorly  better photos!

Appropriately, since my end at Henry’s was precipitated by a person objecting to a picture of me nude: Kristof B and I are organizing our the art of photographing nudes workshop on June 17. Nude is not lewd: we shall teach you to shoot Art Nudes. Sign up by clicking on the link: space is limited.

On to the rest of my day. Have a great day, everyone!