Annie is safe.. for now.

CNN reports that Annie Leibovitz is safe, for now: lawsuit dropped and payment extended.

I breathe a sigh of relief. If Annie Leibovitz could not make it as a photographer (her day rates for a portrait are $100,000, apparently), then who can? Plus, she is such an icon: I would hate for anything bad to happen. Even though she is “controversial” – she has photographed naked people. (Like John Lennon, on the very day he died).

In the USA in 2009, that is enough to make you “controversial”?

One amusing note when you follow the link is that CNN has put that article in the “Crime” section (see the URL).


This photo of Annie Leibovitz, the world’s prime celebrity photographer, hosted here, makes me curious:

Leibovitz Lawsuit

I note the following.

  • She shoots Canon. A 1Ds Mark III, I think.
  • But for some reason, has taped over the “Canon” logo on her camera. Why?
  • She uses the same 24-70 f/2.8L lens that I use (and really, really like)
  • But.. no lens hood. Annie.. why not?
  • She shoots with the same Pocketwizards I use.

I do hope she keeps the right to her photos… I suppose we will know tomorrow. As many of you know, she is in financial trouble and has to come up with $24m yesterday, or lose all her photos and her homes.