Night Sky

A black sky may look black to us.

But to the camera, it is not that way:

Night Sky, by Michael Willems

Night Sky, by Michael Willems

At least if you set up the camera correctly.

My recipe was:

  • Canon 1Ds Mark III on a tripod
  • Using the Canon 35mm f/1.4 L prime lens
  • Focus: Manual, set to infinity
  • Exposure: Manual, f/1.4, 30 seconds
  • 200 ISO

Note the following:

  • Lightroom will automatically remove “stuck pixels”
  • The sky starts off lighter, and goes darker, so adjustments may be necessary.
  • Focus needs to be accurate: do it before it gets dark.
  • A city in the distance will light up the sky greatly.

Try it. And above all, have fun.